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The smart way to save your child’s medical records, get reminders and share health information.

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What our users have to say about us.

I am able to keep track of my child’s vaccination progress on the phone itself. No more searching for the medical file, before going to the paediatrician.

Natasha. K

Having 2 kids means maintaining and tracking two different files for their vaccinations. Now thanks to eMunity I can manage both their medical records in a single app. It saves me a lot of time and gives me all the information instantly.

Venora. L

eMunity has simplified vaccination. I could not get my head around so many vaccines and their variants. With eMunity, I know the essential vaccines and the various options available today

Gayatri. K

eMunity offers a wide range of features

When you download eMunity, it lists all the vaccines that should be given as per your baby’s current age. It lets you uncheck vaccines, which have not been given to the child, and represents your child’s progress visually.

Add custom vaccines in case of international travel.

Access the continuously updated central repository, for vaccine information.


Receive timely alerts and information regarding vaccines.

Store and retrieve your child’s medical records on your app.


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About Us


We are parents who have been through many visits to the paediatrician. We know what it’s like. Our aim is to help you organize your child’s medical records.
We would like to create a product that goes beyond vaccination.
This is our humble beginning.